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How to purchase Hands Free Headgear adapters

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Visit ebay to purchase a Hands Free Headgear adapter for the white Gear VR viewer.


Visit ebay to purchase a Hands Free Headgear adapter for the blue Gear VR viewer.


Shipping, Refund, Privacy, Customer Service, etc.

For customer service email hfheadgear@gmail.com or call 847-851-8900.

Since this is the product launch, we will be assembling the initial orders into batches for manufacturing purposes. We expect that this will result in approximately 2 week shipping delay during this inital period.

In the event of longer delays the customer will be contacted to determine if a cancellation and refund is desired.

Initial sales will all go through ebay with free shipping.

ebay pricing will be based on single unit sales and shipments. If there is an interest in multi-unit sales please contact the customer service number listed above to discuss the details.

We have a satisfaction guarantee policy. If you are not satisfied for any reason contact customer service for a replacement unit or a refund.

We do not release or distribute any customer information for any reason.


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