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Watch a video by RoblemVR reviewing the new adapter.

Watch a video explaining various features of the new adapter.


How to watch Youtube movies/videos
with a Samsung Gear VR

How to watch Netflix movies
with a Samsung Gear VR

How to watch Hulu movies
with a Samsung Gear VR

How to view Oculus 360 Photos
with a Samsung Gear VR

How to Use the Gear VR Controls

How to watch Youtube movies/videos
with an Android phone and a
Google Cardboard viewer

Beta testing in process
for our new Version 3.0
adapter for the Gear VR

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  • We have the most advanced head mounted display adapters available.
  • No elastic straps pulling the viewer into the cheeks or forehead!
  • Viewer is securely suspended in front of the face by a unique cantilever design.
  • Perfect for comfortable extended 3-D and Virtual Reality viewing.

Comments About our Head Mounted Display Adapter:

"Totally loving your Hands Free Headgear BTW, so much better than a strap or two pushing the headset into your face and cutting into your ears." - @RoblemVR Click here to read the full review by RoblemVR.


"Pretty neat Google Cardboard gadget just arrived from @HFHeadgear." and "Cool stuff I like it" - @VerticeOne


"Yea its great" and "we also mentioned it on the latest podcast" - @podvrcast


Brian Bullard and Matt Carrell discuss the Head Mounted Display Adapter at podcast timestamp 61:50 Click here to listen to the podcast


"Hey that looks very cool" - @yay3d



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